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The Garden Fairy is me, Sue Dilworth, a garden consultant, offering garden advice to homeowners across Surrey and the South East.

My guidance ranges from simply what to plant where, to more complicated information such as how to manage your garden through the seasons. My expert advice is all you need to maintain and manage your perfect outdoor living space.



From our initial phone call, I will advise the best package to suit your individual needs. My advice service allows you to explore the full potential of your garden and deliver maximum impact from your space.

Using my knowledge and experience I will show you how to create and manage a beautiful, well-crafted garden that you can be proud of for years to come.

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Client Feedback

“We are new customers of Sue and have been very favourably impressed with the level of support and advice she provides in her yearly subscription.”


"Sue visited my garden at the beginning of August to provide me with advice. I didn't want a garden designer as I felt I knew what I wanted but wasn't sure which plants would prosper in which areas. Sue was a fountain of knowledge and really helped me with ideas and suggested plants and colour schemes I hadn't even considered. She offers such a great service."


“I needed some guidance with my back garden, that was a little worse for wear when we first moved in and Sue was a brilliant help."


"Sue definitely knows her stuff and thanks to her I now know the difference between a bulb and a perennial"


"Sue is so knowledgeable and was able to provide us with the level of help we needed in our garden. We had no idea what plants we had and how to look after them. We do now, thanks to the Garden Fairy!"


"The Garden Fairy was an invaluable help for me. Having moved into a new property with a fairly overgrown garden and a wide variety of plants I had no idea where to start. I just wanted someone to take a look at the garden and advise on how I should proceed. I discovered Sue Dilworth and she spent an initial few hours assessing the garden and drawing up a plan of maintenance. Her plans are detailed and easy to follow, and will allow me to get on with the gardening with the comfort of knowing I am treating the plants properly. I plan to get at least quarterly reviews of the garden to keep on top of it. I also intend to get Sue to help create new areas of planting, as she also is prepared to accompany you to the Garden Centre to select the right combination of plants. Spending time in the garden with Sue is insightful and educational; her enthusiasm is infectious."


"Sue's knowledge is vast and she has given us a plan of action for the coming months. She has guided us on what needs to be planted where, what needs moving and when, and catalogued what we have in our garden (some we didn't have a clue about). We really enjoy being in our garden but don't have the time or knowledge to really invest in learning ourselves. Having Sue's expert eye guide us was invaluable. We highly recommend."


"Sue Dilworth is brilliant! She knows her stuff and I would highly recommend."


"Walking around my garden with Sue was an uplifting experience given her enthusiasm and knowledge. Whilst I have a nice garden which has developed over 25 years, there are areas that needed new ideas and energy. Sue got me to think about the various plantings in themes - I had not even thought about it that way and could now see that I did indeed have a 'Woodland' area, 'Mature shrub' area and a 'Jungle' theme area. With that subtle analysis she was able to recommend complimentary plants to fit in with the themes. I am delighted with Sue's suggestions and it definitely sparked off renewed energy to make my garden even more special."


"What an amazing service! The Garden Fairy visited my property following the installation of a new drive. She was able to report and advise on current shrubs, garden theme and we now have a woodland garden in place. We can't wait for Spring when all the shrubs, bulbs, etc will be flowering. The advice received was excellent, the report is informative and instructions on care and pruning are second to none."


"Absolutely delighted with the advice given to us by The Garden Fairy. We have been gardening for a good many years now but Sue has brought focus on how we need to go forward and significantly improve on our efforts. Particularly important to us was advice on how to re-stock a very sizeable SW facing border being sucked dry by Leylandi. Also, she explained where we have being going wrong with our meadow area and how to improve it. Very impressed with the extremely comprehensive written and illustrated report which will be an invaluable reference. Would very much recommend The Garden Fairy."


"I would highly recommend speaking with Sue, The Garden Fairy. She visited our garden, gave us a list of what plants we had and how to look after them through the seasons. She is just brilliant! She also provided a planting plan, giving us advice on what to plant where and how to work to a colour palette in the garden. We can't wait to get started on her suggestions!"